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How to Find Great Hourly Employees who Love Showing Up for Work

It’s one thing to hire salaried employees who show up for work daily with a good attitude and plenty of motivation; it’s another to find loyal hourly employees. Many times, hourly employees treat their jobs like “just a paycheck”. Hourly employees may also only work part time hours and they may not be eligible for benefits and other perks that their salaried counterparts enjoy. For these reasons, they don’t have the same enthusiasm and they may become unreliable.

How can a company attract and recruit hourly employees who will love coming to work each day?

Appeal to the types of candidates seeking hourly work

A vast number of employees who are looking for hourly work arrangements include those in younger age ranges or those in retirement. Consider that many have children or grandchildren to raise, or they may be in college, so they need flexible and part time schedules.

Conduct candidate assessments before hiring

To ensure you are getting the right attitudes in hourly employees, be sure to conduct candidate pre-screening measures, including personality and skills assessments. Design hourly jobs and descriptions and find the right fit for each role.

Give them rewarding work experiences

Hourly employees are looking for the same rewards and challenges as salaried employees. They are often seeking recognition and respect. Make sure the tasks and projects address this need and create rewarding work experiences.

Treat them to special career perks

While your salaried folks may have benefits, your hourly employees may not be eligible due to low work hours. Make sure you offer career perks and benefits that your hourly employees can use too. Think about voluntary benefits, flexible work hours, and corporate discounts for example.

Hire temporary staff to cover hourly positions

It’s possible to “try before you buy” with hourly staffing, by partnering with a Lancaster PA area staffing agency. Bring in temporary employees when the need arises to replace an hourly person. Build teams with temp to perm placements.

Make opportunities for hourly to salary transitions

At least a portion of your hourly employees will be looking for more permanent opportunities. Be sure to have regular performance reviews and promote a percentage of your hourly folks to salaried assignments.

Augment hourly workers during peak seasons

If you are facing a season that will be busy, the best way to find hourly employees who are eager to work hard is through a staffing agency. This can prevent burnout and turnover with your current hourly employees while helping you bring on some more great employees.

Looking for staffing support this fall?

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