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Tattoos, Piercings, Hair Colors – Do They Impact Job Interviews?

Tattoos, piercings, and wild hair colors – these forms of “body art” have become more mainstream in the last few years. It’s not uncommon for a job seeker to walk in to a job interview sporting such things as a form of self-expression.

Does it really matter that you have a tattoo or two visible when you go to a job interview? The answer to this question differs based on who you speak with, but one thing is certain, you should attempt to cover them as much as possible. Many workplaces require their employees to hide their tattoos, if this is possible, when on the job. Other workplaces don’t have an issue with employees and their tattoos. What we need to determine here is whether or not your tattoos are hindering your interviews.

Let’s explore this topic a little more:

Tattoos, Piercings and Odd Hair Can be Distracting

If you walk into a job interview with multiple visible tattoos, piercings in your nose and eyelids and oddly-colored hair; you will likely be a distraction for the interviewer. Many people pride themselves on not getting distracted, especially when talking with others, but having all of these items at once might make it too difficult to stay focused during an interview. The interviewer might start wondering how you will be perceived by the company’s customers if hired and how you will be able to hide all of those items when on the job.

Cover Up as Much as Possible

Do your best to cover up as much as possible if you have tattoos on your lower arms or feet. Tattoos on your hands and face cannot be covered during a job interview, which means you will need to hope that these do not become a distraction. When it comes to dealing with multiple piercings, especially on your face, you should remove as many as possible. If you have multiple piercings in your ears, only wear one pair of earrings the day of the interview.

Subdue Your Hair

If your hair is out of control, such as having a crazy color in it or it is too shaggy, consider subduing it for the job interview. Cleaning up your hair is part of preparing for a job interview just like being clean shaven. Cut your hair to an appropriate level and even consider changing your hair color back to a natural color for the interview. If hired, you can speak to someone about the hair color you love to use.

Tattoos and piercings have long been an issue for hiring managers and recruiters when trying to find top talent. Try to hide your tattoos and stick to few piercings when interviewing for your next job in order to cut down on distractions.

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