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Three Traits of Great Workplace Leadership

Competitive markets, environmental changes, and economic turbulence are challenging and unsettling. Companies today face global changes at a pace never seen before. Within such an inconsistent context, persistent character traits can be the pillar around which a company’s business revolves.

Traits of effective workplace leadership include the ability to motivate people to work toward a vision, an innate sense of connection with others, and a risk-taking attitude that overcomes immediate obstacles. However, according to Peter Aceto, CEO of Tangerine Bank, three core character traits are a must or workplace leadership.


Nimbleness and flexibility are the words bandied about when it comes to a company’s response to environmental and market demands. But it takes the grit and determination of a wise leader to make tough decisions quickly respond. A leader who has the passion and courage to make high-risk, drastic decisions earns the respect and loyalty of others.


Few leaders exhibit the trait of humility. Leadership and success are so often accompanied by ego. However, the wise leader realizes that little can be accomplished without the support of those around her. Leadership requires the building of a relationship of mutual support and appreciation. A leader is chosen by those who decide to buy into the vision.


Communication builds trust and loyalty. Employees cannot judge a leader if the reasons for decisions and their outcomes are not communicated. Success or failure is largely irrelevant, for both are necessary for innovation and success. A risk-taker gains the admiration of others because it is a trait that not everyone possesses. Failure may lose points as far as ego is concerned, but if the motivation for taking a decision was valid and the reasons effectively communicated, the team will support the decision maker and strive harder for a better outcome next time.

There are less honourable ways to achieve business; greed and ego can play a part. But grit, humility, and communication will bring sustained leadership so that the mighty will never have to fall … too hard.

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