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Job Seeking When You are Currently Employed

A gainfully employed candidate is a more attractive proposition for an employer. Thanks to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, online professional profiles allow both active and passive job seekers exposure to new opportunities. Individuals’ profiles are accessible to all hiring managers or recruiters who search internet platforms seeking possible candidates with particular skills. A recruiter may reach out to you if your profile matches their skills criteria.

Additionally, Lou Adler, author of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, states that 60 percent of an individual’s job hunting time should be allocated to networking. But how can you let your network know that you are looking for another job without your employer finding out? The following tips from Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes should help.

Keep it to yourself.

Telling work colleagues that you are looking for another job can create conflict with your boss and among colleagues who may begin to compete for your job. Similarly, do not mention your job search on social media sites such as Facebook. Even close friends may inadvertently pass on information that may reach your existing employer.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Avoid indicating on your profile that you are looking for alternative employment. Having an up-to-date profile does not imply that you are looking and will not raise suspicion among your existing work colleagues.

Do not criticize your current employer, even when you leave.

This type of negativity only reflects badly on you, particularly in an interview. With respect to interviews, schedule them during non-work hours so that your absence does not raise suspicion.

Request that any prospective employer keep your application confidential.

Most companies who are interested in hiring you will understand the need for confidentiality until you have received an offer. However, the behavior of a potential employer is out of your control, and it is wise not to list any of your current co-workers as a reference.

Avoid using company computers or phones for your job search activity.

Many companies monitor employee phone and computer use. Most importantly, stay engaged in your current job. Maintain your performance level, your professional appearance, and your relationships so that you can leave with pride.

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