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Why Should Your Company Partner with a Staffing Agency?

Many businesses consider the use of an employment or staffing agency to be an additional and unnecessary human resource expense. However, the economic benefits are often underestimated and include reduced financial risk, better quality hires, and flexible hiring practices that can accommodate peak seasons. The Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Association states that outsourcing recruitment to experts can reduce the speed and increase the quality of hires.

The American Staffing Association reports that staffing firms created over 15,000 new jobs in October, which continues an upward trend of 0.5% from September and almost 9% from October 2013. More organizations are using staffing firms and recognizing the benefits of doing so.

Companies often outsource their IT or accounting functions to specialist firms or consultants. Similarly, using a staffing agency with professionals devoted to efficient hiring, equipped with the latest tools and inside information concerning the labor market, can ensure that your hiring practices beat out your competitors and find the best talent.

  • Prudent best practices that are Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-compliant will reduce your company’s risk of litigation. Accurate employee data tracking can monitor your HR processes and form a framework for future staffing.
  • Professional sourcing and screening practices, using the latest software and technology, provide assurance of quality hires and lower the risk of additional recruitment costs later. Staffing agencies know which demographics to target and how to reach them to find you the best employees.
  • The option of temp-to-hire can ensure that your permanent hires are a good fit with your organization. Hiring after a trial period eliminates the risk of a bad hire.
  • A professional hiring agency can monitor your productivity over time to identify temporary staffing needs. Our consultants can recommend staffing strategies that will ensure you hire sufficient temporary staff for your peak periods. This provides flexibility and reduces unnecessary permanent employee costs. During slow times, you can downsize without difficult layoffs. During busy times, you have immediate access to productive workers.

Staffing companies such as Staffing Service USA builds long-term relationships with clients and candidates. We understand the employment market and industry trends. Whether your business is large or small, we can leverage our expertise and transfer those benefits to clients.

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