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Is it Time for a Career Change?

Monster contributor Aaron P. Arnold suggests the 90-day rule as a guide when deciding whether to change careers. This rule involves introspection and subjective assessment of your current situation. It is also important, however, to consider the current economic climate and the state of the job market that you intend to target.

Partnering with a staffing agency is an excellent way to research the jobs that are available in your area and to determine the state of the job market. A staffing agency can offer advice with respect to the qualifications and experience you may require and can also provide temporary placements in your target industry. Such placements can provide valuable work experience and assurance that your decision is the right one.

Arnold’s 90-day rule suggests that it may be time to change your career if you have been unhappy for three months or more. After this period, it is unlikely that your situation will change. Often, immediate relief is experienced as soon as the decision is made to pursue other avenues.

  • Try to determine what you would like to do, and what you would even do for free? What are your hobbies? You may have to take a cut in pay while you gain experience in a new area but if your passion is there, you may ramp up quickly. Consider whether you should invest in courses or gain work experience in your chosen field and act accordingly.
  • Contact others and network with people already engaged in your chosen area. Ask for their advice and research your intended steps. These individuals may provide valuable referrals when you are job seeking.
  • Glenn Llopis of Forbes suggests that it may be time to change jobs when you do not feel challenged or are underutilized. This may be a result of poor management, or you may simply have outgrown your company. Either way, you will not progress by remaining in your current position.

If your work environment seems untrustworthy with dysfunctional management, you should seek alternative options. Poor leadership will not change quickly, and you have no ability to control your professional situation.

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