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How to Find Passive/Quiet Job Seekers

The passive job seeker is increasingly a target for recruiters. The passive job seeker is someone already gainfully employed, but who might be persuaded to accept another position. Careerbuilder’s job forecast for 2013 reports that one fifth of employed individuals had been solicited by other companies.

Jen Picard, Marketing Consultant of JD Marketing, states that 25 percent of the employed workforce consists of active job seekers. Reaching the remaining 75 percent, the passive job seekers, significantly expands the candidate pool. Passive job seekers are at an advantage because they are perceived as experienced and professionally savvy; it would appear that they wait to find a new job before leaving their current one. Social media and associated technologies are making passive job seeker recruitment a growing trend. Here are some ways that companies can reach out to passive candidates.

  • Use social media sites such as LinkedIn Talent Solutions to place job descriptions and to post them to particular networks. Sending messages directly to qualified candidates employed by competitors is considered poaching, but informing a network of job opportunities is acceptable. Most professionals subscribe to LinkedIn whether they are job hunting or not.
  • Employee referral programs can identify talent. Skilled employees know like-minded individuals. Design a system to reward only successful hires and to ensure that individuals are referred for professional reasons. One drawback to employee referral programs can be a lack of diversity in employees.
  • Ensure that your company website appeals to potential employees. The passive job seeker is more likely to explore a new company the more information they have. Highlight company innovation and a dynamic environment. Provide testimonials and introductory videos of existing staff to connect a friendly face with the company brand. Advertise staff benefits such as flexible work options and career development.
  • It is difficult for the currently employed to find time to interview in-person for a job. Provide flexible interview options such as video interviews or interview times outside work hours. The recruitment process must be convenient to engage a passive job seeker.

Ensure that your recruitment process, from beginning to end, is professional and seamless.

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