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Networking Tips for Hiring Managers | Finding Candidates through Others

Many hiring managers and companies are finding creative ways to source and screen new candidates. A 2012 survey by Jobvite found that over 90 percent of employers stated that they used social networks for recruiting purposes. Many employers are using social media networks and employee referral programs to ensure that professional hires fit culturally within an organization.

Jobvite reports that superior candidates are found through referrals from existing employees, social networks, and corporate career sites. Nelson D. Schwartz of the New York Times reports that companies are using their own workers to find new hires, saving time and money. The practice is particularly valuable as the job market is tightening and fewer quality candidates are available.

3 Ways Hiring Managers can Creatively Source Candidates

  • Develop an employee referral program.
    Careerbuilder reports that almost 70 percent of organizations have a formal program. Referral programs bring benefits such as the ability to reach passive candidates and reduce recruitment costs. Staff members are rewarded for successful hires. However, use appropriate guidelines and a well-designed program that can discern strong, professional referrals from those that may be less reliable.
  • Use social networks and corporate sites to build company awareness and to “fish” for candidates.
    Dan Schawbel of Time reports that companies such as Sodexo and Ernst & Young interact with candidates and network groups online. Jobs are often posted to groups and networks and on platforms such as LinkedIn. Some companies, such as Google, post competitions to increase potential candidate engagement and to assess a candidate’s skill levels.
  • Use the services provided by platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter and Facebook Ads.
    Try third party search companies such as Tweet My Jobs and Twit Job Search. Screening through social media can be efficient and thorough.

The long-term unemployed are often highly experienced and can be reached through networks and employee referrals. Don’t discount them. Exploit your networking resources to find prized candidates. Partner with a professional staffing agency such as Staffing Services USA. We build relationships and networks for sophisticated sourcing and candidate screening.

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