4 Clues You Have Found the Ideal Candidate

Recruiting new employees is not a job to take lightly. You’re not searching for the middle ground, someone who barely meets your needs. The ideal candidate not only meets your current expectations, they can help your business grow and succeed in the future. Don’t let them slip through your fingers! Here are some clues to […]

The Three BEST Available Jobs in Lancaster, PA

This winter is a great time to look for a job in the Lancaster, PA region of the state. Popular with both tourists and businesses alike, Lancaster offers some of the best career opportunities in the Northern states. Here are some of the jobs that we think are among the top in the Delaware Valley. […]

Three Networking Tips for Shy Professionals

Dorie Clark considers herself an introvert and writes of her professional networking experiences in the Harvard Business Review. After attending numerous networking events, many of which she hated, Clark learned to network on her own terms and to make the process effective for her situation. Kate Finley, contributor to Fast Company, explains that shyness is […]

Fielding and Answering Unconventional Interview Questions

We all have a working knowledge of the tried-and-true interview questions, the ones we dread and the ones we can prepare for. But what happens when an interviewer throws you a curve ball that you couldn’t possibly prepare for? If you’ve ever gone on a job interview, you probably know some of the most commonly […]