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Preparing Your Workforce for the Addition of Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary workers in Lancaster, PA provides needed manpower during times of intense productivity without the commitment of permanent work contracts. The cost-effectiveness of the strategy depends on the smooth integration of temporary workers and their ability to complement the skills of the existing workforce. Disruption is a possibility.

Ere contributors, Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest suggest that existing staff may feel threatened by incoming temporary staff. Including existing staff in the decision to hire additional workers may cause them to be more enthusiastic towards new staff, to be more willing to train them, and to appreciate their efforts.

  • Train existing staff and temporary staff simultaneously where possible to reduce cost, ensure consistent standards and quality, and to standardize reporting processes. However, consider separate training for temporary staff hired to perform an independent, specific project role.
  • Mark Schwartz, a workplace specialist and contributor to Monster, recommends assigning project managers to temp or contract workers. The project managers should be experienced in managing veteran and new staff and must understand the importance of mentoring. Hire temporary staff that is experienced in integrating with new teams.
  • Individuals with specialized skills, such as IT, engineers, finance and accounting are in demand. Hire extensively and develop a pool of talent that you can call in at busy times. Sell your company to potential temporary employees and make your company an attractive one for temp workers. Use a recommended professional hiring firm that understands your company and industry.
  • Develop a consistent process for hiring temp staff. The right staffing agency and in-house HR staff who are familiar with the process can make the transition smoother. Planning is essential. Don’t wait until the last minute to develop job descriptions and to hire. Successful hiring requires time to identify candidates, and then time to train incumbents appropriately.

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Introduce new temporary staff and provide opportunities for staff to socialize and develop rapport. Keep options open for temp staff to transition to permanent employees, but ensure that they are subject to existing staff hiring protocol to ensure fairness and transparency.

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