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Whoa, That’s WAY Too Much Information!

Avoid oversharing during your next interview

Are you wondering why you didn’t get a call back for a second interview? Maybe you “overshared.” Here’s how to strike the right balance.

1. Always let the interviewer set the tone

Pay attention to their body language and tone and let them take the lead.

2. Keep it light

Limit yourself to small talk only. Try picturing yourself at a formal event or in public, meeting a new person, to help you set your limits.

3. Look for commonalities

Look around the office for similarities between you and your interviewer. Did you go to the same university? Or do you like the same sports team? Finding common ground is an excellent way to make a connection with your interviewer without getting too personal.

4. Don’t forget where you are

Always be cognizant of where you are! You’re in an interview so the information you share is not confidential. Don’t share anything that you wouldn’t want to be repeated.

5. Stay professional – even when it’s difficult

Never speak ill of your current employer even if you’re miserable. Always try to stay professional and offer practical reasons as to why you’re looking for a new position.

6. Personal isn’t professional

When asked to talk about your failures, don’t share personal shortcomings. Keep it professional.

7. Steer the conversation

Keep an eye out for potentially illegal questions. Interviewers are not allowed to ask questions about your race, ethnicity, age, plans for future children, marital status, arrests, drinking habits, or disabilities. If an interviewer asks you a potentially illegal question, find a way to steer the conversation in a different direction politely.

8. Keep your phone stored away

It’s tempting to want to share bits of your life, like pictures, with an interviewer, but keep the pet and kid pictures at bay! Your interviewer is interested in your skills and experience, not your cat.

9. Practice makes perfect

If you’re nervous about an upcoming interview, practice! It’s easy to overshare when you’re on edge. So, prepare yourself for that next big interview by practicing with a friend or even in the mirror.


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