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7 Resume Trends to Pay Attention to for the Upcoming Year

Here at Staffing Service USA, we understand just how important it is to write a killer resume, and while specific trends never go out of style (can we get a shout-out to the cover letter and objective statement?!) what recruiters want to see in your resume does shift from year-to-year.

Here’s what to keep in mind when updating your resume this year.

1. Leverage Your Social Media

That’s right – and recruiters are looking! If you don’t have at least a small social presence, then you’re already behind the curve. LinkedIn is the perfect social media tool to help you connect quickly with other members of your industry and recruiters. Plus, it’s a great way to display your resume digitally and play up your accomplishments as well as show off your personality with pictures and personal statements.

2.  Build a Website

In addition to social media, personal websites are a great way to bolster your brand. Create a website to display your portfolio of work (and include it on your LinkedIn profile) like writing, pictures, videos – it’s all fair game! And don’t forget to add “About” and “Contact” pages.

Here are a few #goals website resumes to get your inspirational juices flowing:

1. Brandon Johnson

2. Sean Haplin

3.  Sarah Chang

3. Write Like a Human

Resumes are meant to be professional, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack personality. Spice up your resume with more casual language that reflects your personality and sense of humor to catch recruiters’ eyes.

4. Keep It Looking Fresh and Clean

That means updating your resume regularly. Keep it simple, concise, and utilize white space to help increase your resume’s overall readability.

5. Play Up your Capabilities

We’re not just talking about your achievements either. Company culture is of the utmost importance to hiring managers, so showing that you work well with others is critical. Emphasize your people skills by focusing on areas such as leadership, attitude, work ethic, and communication skills. But don’t just tell us about it – show it! List instances where your communication skills or where teamwork helped you complete a significant project or achieve your goals.

6. Quantify Your Achievements

Don’t just tell hiring managers what you did at a company. While skills are essential, recruiters want to know the impact your achievements had on your company. Whenever possible, mention cold hard numbers.

For example, say, “I increased our ROI by 40% in last year’s third quarter,” not, “I helped my company better utilize internal tools, increasing our overall ROI in last year’s third quarter.” Be direct, short, and numbers oriented.

7. Pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Most employers use the Applicant Tracking System or ATS to automatically screen candidates and determine what resumes to send to the recruiting manager. ATS systems use a series of keywords to scan resumes and select candidates who closely match the job’s requirements.

ATS systems remove about 75% of applications scanned, so learning how to optimize and format your resume correctly is vital. Luckily, there are great resources online to guide you through the process of fixing up your resume.

So, how does your resume stack up? Do you think it’s ready for submission? Check out our job board and take your updated resume for a spin!


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