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Your Job Search – How to Prioritize for Better Results

When the ability to read every open job listing on the planet is just a few keystrokes away, it can be difficult to narrow your search down to your most viable options. Too many job-seekers waste time, effort, and resources pursuing leads that are either do not genuinely fit their needs or are unlikely to pan out. If you want to find the job that’s perfect for you, you’ll need to learn to prioritize your search.

Prioritize your job search to a specific area

Before you start your search, decide whether you would be willing to move and how far you are willing to commute. There may be some tempting offers outside of your boundaries, but you should focus your attention to the region you are most likely to accept. Even if you get an offer or an interview, will it be worth your travel time? If you’re not willing to move or commute, there is no use to extend your search beyond a certain area.

Confining your search to a specific region also allows you to tap into local expertise. Though nationwide staffing agencies might offer a seemingly larger job pool, the won’t be able to provide insight into your local job market. In contrast, services like ours will, admittedly, struggle to help you find a job in Los Angeles, but we can offer unprecedented long-term and temporary job services in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding region.

Don’t overreach

Even if you feel you are underqualified for a job posting, it couldn’t hurt to take a chance, right? Wrong. Though it can be tempting to shoot for the stars and hope for a miracle, there’s a hidden downside to applying for a position when you are not fully qualified. A survey conducted by Bullhorn, the designer of a common applicant tracking software, revealed that seeing applicants from under-qualified candidates is a major turn-off for hiring managers, and many admit that they will blacklist these names in their system. Unrealistically applying for a job could permanently keep any of your applications from getting through.

What are your deal-breakers?

You need to decide ahead of time what your deal-breakers are. What are the definitive factors that will keep you from accepting a job. Is there anything that you value above all else? Your bottom line regarding salary, schedule, and flexibility should be fixed in your mind before you start searching; this will keep you from wasting time researching positions that don’t fit your needs.

Narrowing the field

If you’re looking for a new job in any industry, Staffing Services USA can help. We have been proud to provide excellent job-placement services to candidates in the Lancaster, PA area for over two decades. Contact us today to find out how we can put you on the path to your next dream job.

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