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Your Character in an Interview – Is It Keeping You from Getting Called Back?

In a competitive job market, you’re not going to be the only one interviewing for a job. To be successful, you’ll need good training, up-to-date skills, and solid experience. But, is that enough? Many highly-qualified candidates walk confidently out of an interview, only to never hear from the interviewer again; they may even find out later that the job went to a seemingly less-qualified candidate. What gives? Smart interviewers are looking at more than your technical qualifications.

Character Traits that Managers HATE to See in Interviews

To be a contender for any given job, your character has to be a good match for the company and the position. So, what are some character traits that could cost you a job?


“Why do you want to work here?” This classic question helps gauge a candidate’s genuine interest in the company and the position. Whether interviewers specifically ask this question or not, they want to know that you are excited to start a career at their business. If you can’t show a little enthusiasm during the interview, they’ll assume you won’t bring your “A” game once you’re hired.


Timid, shy interviewees are unlikely to impress a hiring manager. Though shyness might be part of your personality, projecting confidence and competence during the interview is the only way to get positive attention. Businesses are looking for go-getters, people who can be trusted to take positive initiative and work hard with minimal oversight. Fighting through your shyness could be the difference between landing and losing your next job.


Confidence and confrontation are not the same thing. Regardless of qualifications, every hiring manager is ultimately going to ask themselves if they would be happy to work alongside you. If they imagine a future full of conflict, aggression, and confrontation, they’re probably going to choose someone else.


Hiring managers have to consider how you will affect your coworkers’ morale. Be careful not to be overly negative about your previous employers even if you had great reasons for leaving those jobs. Instead, be sure to keep your responses balanced, and always err on the side of positivity.

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