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How to Become an Employer of Choice in York, PA

Having talented, highly-qualified staff at every level of your organization is the key to your business’ success. However, how can you make sure that the best workers will be drawn to your business? When presented with multiple options, what would make job seekers single you out as their employer of choice? Whether they are self-represented or using a staffing service, the choice is ultimately theirs to make. If you want to attract the best talent to your doors, you’ll have to understand what candidates are looking for in their employer.

Key Factors in Job Satisfaction

Though many studies and surveys have investigated job satisfaction, by far the most detailed report comes from the Boston Consulting Group’s survey of over 200,000 workers. Surprisingly, the report concludes that salary and compensation aren’t top factors in most job seekers’ minds – in fact, salary comes in at a distant #8 on the list. Instead, the report indicates that so-called “soft factors” are what define job satisfaction. If you want to become the most desirable employer of choice in your area, you should know the top five factors job seekers are interested in.

Appreciation for their work

Yes, the number one factor in job satisfaction is feeling appreciated for their contributions. Before applying for a job, candidates want to know that yours is a company that will value and acknowledge their hard work.

A good relationship with their colleagues

If locals know that your company encourages competition, tolerates backstabbing, or allows a hostile work environment, they won’t be likely to apply. In contrast, developing the image of a welcoming culture will have the most talented candidates flocking to you.

A good work-life balance

No one prefers for their employer to dominate their life; for this reason, number three on the survey is the work-life balance. Make it known among your employees, and the community, that you respect your workers’ personal boundaries and their right to a life outside of work.

A good relationship with their superiors

Are you a boss, or a leader? What is your management style? Do you have a strong relationship with your employees? Candidates want to know that they will be respected by their superiors. Be sure to treat your current employees well, and your good reputation will start to spread.

The company’s financial stability

Are potential employees deeply interested in your company’s long-term financial success? Probably not – that type of loyalty has to be earned. What does concern them is how your current stability will affect them. No one wants to sign on with a business whose failing bottom line will lead to fluctuating salaries, inconsistent hours, and potential layoffs. In contrast, a financially stable business is like a beacon to the top candidates in your region.

These are the top areas that managers should address if they want to become the employer of choice in their area. Is your business ticking these boxes? If so, we’d like to help get the word out. As one of the leading staffing agencies in York, PA and the surrounding region, we can help you fill your short and long-term staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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