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5 Ways to Earn More Money in 2017

How many of us have big plans for this year?

A new car, a nice vacation, or, more realistically, just paying off some of our bills would be a dream come true. Currently, the average American household has over $16,000 just in credit card debt. Add in mortgages and car loans, and it’s no wonder that most people dream of earning some extra cash. Even if your goal is just a bit more peace of mind, extra income will make a huge difference in achieving your objectives. What are some ways you could earn more money this year?

How to Pick Up Extra Work

There are two ways to pick up new paying work: you can strike out on your own, or you can partner with a professional temp agency. If you decide to go with an agency, choosing one of the local temp services in Lancaster, PA ensures access to regional expertise and jobs that are convenient for you. Whether you choose to work alone or with a recruiter, focus your efforts on fields in which you can excel. With a little bit of thought, you might find some vital career skills you never knew about.


While making a career of writing is often incredibly difficult and frustrating, finding short-term work on the side is surprisingly easy. If you have decent grammar and can express yourself clearly, there are opportunities waiting for you.


Web Design

You don’t have to be a computer genius to design and manage a website. Web content management systems are more streamlined than ever before. Learn the basics of a decent CMS in your spare time, and you could be churning out professional looking websites in no time.


Selling Unused Items

Remember that $16,000 debt we mentioned earlier? It seems like a lot of us tend to buy more than we need! Sort through your closets and garage, and you might find you’re sitting on a gold mine.


Virtual Assistant

There is a huge market of mid-level professionals who struggle to manage their schedule but can’t justify a full-time personal assistant. That’s where you come in. If you have decent organizational and time-management skills, you could find work as a part-time virtual assistant.


Temp Work

Though scheduling two jobs can be a nightmare at first, temp work has one significant advantage over freelancing: a guaranteed payday. Freelancing can be enticing when you look only at the hourly rates that they charge, but you spend a lot of unpaid hours searching for new jobs. Pass of that heavy lifting to a professional by signing on with a temp agency.

We’d like to help you earn extra money and gain financial peace of mind in 2017. Check out our job listings to find out what positions are available nearby. Even better, contact us so that one of our expert recruiters can find a job that is the perfect match for your skills and schedule.

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