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Affordable Team Building Events for the Fall in Lancaster, PA

Autumn in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area happens to be one of the most beautiful times of the year. Nowhere else are the leaves displaying such vibrant colors as in our own Pennsylvania Paradise? This can be a great time for employers to get their teams out of the office for some fun, yet affordable team building activities. Here are some ideas for enjoying an outing that will bring your team closer together this fall.

Waterfalls and Parks

Pennsylvania is known for its outstanding parks and recreation. Just in the Lancaster area itself, there are many great spots for an outdoor excursion to the areas’ waterfalls and hiking trails. Explore the chance to get outside the office, enjoy the sights and sounds of autumn, and throw in some friendly competitive games.

Amish Lifestyle Tours

What’s better than getting to know the greater Lancaster area than taking a complete tour of the Lancaster Amish community? People from all over the world are fascinated by the simple life that the Amish have enjoyed for hundreds of years. Try a buggy tour and get to meet real Amish families, dine with them, and visit a nearby farm for a glimpse into their unique lifestyle.

Taste the world

On the second Friday of every month, downtown Lancaster participates in Taste the World, a fun food event. Take your employees on a journey around the world that is the culinary world, with a six-course meal at several of the top restaurants in the area. You’ll have fun and make memories.

Pumpkin Carving

In the fall, everywhere you look are bright orange pumpkins, just ripe for carving! Check out area pumpkin farms for your chance to take your team on a day trip to pick pumpkins, carve the. This is an outrageously fun way to blow off some steam from work and encourage team building and strengthening in the fall!

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