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Handling Employees with Work Life Responsibilities

Nearly every organization is affected in some way by the coming school year. Oftentimes, employees are pulled in many different directions by other responsibilities, such as getting children to school, needing to leave early to pick children up from daycare, and taking time off for doctor’s visits, sporting events, and other education-related needs. It can be tough for parents to juggle all the responsibilities of work and family, but it can also be difficult for employers who must deal with tardy or absent employees.

How can your company provide a rewarding and balanced work experience for your employees, while remaining productive?

Three tips for managing employees with a variety of family responsibilities from one of the leading temp agencies in PA, Staffing Service USA.

Give All Employees Flexible Scheduling Options

When employees have access to flexible scheduling, they are better able to manage the various responsibilities of their lives. For example, an employee who has kids that are in dance class may find the need to take off 30 minutes early once or twice a week. Offering this employee the opportunity to come in early a couple of days a week to make up the time can help this employee to become much more productive when he or she is at work.

Arrange For Temporary Help During Busy Seasons

Peak production cycles and busy seasons are no excuse for overworking your employees who have other responsibilities like taking care of their children or parents. Instead of creating massive amounts of overtime, which can actually be counterproductive to the workplace, hire temporary employees to come in to augment your current team. You’ll find your employees appreciate this and will be much more productive and happy.

Understand And Encourage Down Time When Needed

All employees have the right to downtown through paid time off when they need it the most. Do not make employees feel guilty about needing to attend to their children or other responsibilities. You will only increase their resentment of your workplace and they will retaliate by being less productive when they are on the clock. Instead, respect your employees and the fact that they have a life outside of the office. Offer flexible and family-friendly work arrangements, but also hold employees accountable and set the expectation that they are to be fully engaged in their jobs when they are at work.

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