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The Secret to Answering Why You Left Your Last Job During an Interview

Every candidate anticipates being asked a few difficult interview questions during the course of a job search. It just comes with the territory. However, there is a particularly awkward question that almost always come up. “Why did you leave your last job?” This interview question can create anxiety in even a veteran job seeker.

How can you tactfully answer this nightmare interview question? Read on for a few helpful suggestions.

Be Honest.

It’s always better to be honest when answering interview questions, because the recruiter will eventually find out the truth. Be ethical and just give a brief answer that is based on the general reason you left. You could just say you were seeking a better opportunity or you were looking for a job where you can use all your skills.

Be Positive.

Never ever bring anything negative to a job interview. Even if you left your former employer due to a negative reason, or you quit on a dramatic note – try to think of a way to explain it in positive terms. For example, you left because you want to grow in your career and didn’t feel you had the opportunity there.

Be Thankful.

Huh? How can leaving a former job be something to be thankful about? Think of it in these terms: Your previous employer gave you a chance to hone your skills and learn new things and that makes you a better candidate now. Answer the interview question by expressing fondness for your former workplace and the lessons you learned there.

If you use the above methods to answer this otherwise weird interview question, you will have no trouble at all making a favorable impression and getting a better job offer.

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