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Streamlining Your Hiring Process to Grow Your Team in a Shorter Amount of Time

Is your business ready to start growing this year? Maybe you’ve been hesitant to bring on new people because the economy is still a little shaky, or perhaps you are not sure how to find the best people on a tight budget? Either way, there’s positive things on the horizon for your business and by making the right decisions now, you can be looking at expanded operations and profitability in the coming year.

How can you streamline and make your hiring process better?

Create Clear and Accurate Job Descriptions

Your first step towards a more streamlined hiring process is to be clear on what qualities, skills, requirements, and responsibilities each job type has. Then you can develop what an ideal candidate is. Take the guesswork out and draft detailed job descriptions for each job in your company. Update these job descriptions at least once a year.

Have One Consistent Process

Instead of jumping around to different methods, applicant tracking systems, and team members to handle recruitment – choose one proven process and stick to it. This can be as simple as selecting one recruitment checklist and assigning a core team of 3-4 people to manage it. Make it simple, easy and the same experience for every candidate.

Outsource the Upfront Tasks

Use your staffing agency in Lancaster PA to source, screen, and assess candidates. This cuts down on need to advertise, weed through piles of resumes, take multiple phone calls and emails from candidates, and worry about the backgrounds of people coming through your doors. Let the staffing agency present you with valid candidates from the start.

By following the above tips, your company can have a more positive and productive recruitment strategy. This helps to cut down on time, costs, and aggravation of previous methods.

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