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Do You Know the 5 Year Plan of Your Best Employees? Does it Involve Your Company?

Companies need good people. But, what too many companies do that’s a mistake is focusing too much on the immediate recruitment needs and not on long term succession planning. The longer that a company can keep their best employees on board, the more productive and successful it can be.

How can your organization keep good people on board? How about learning what the 5 year career plan of your best employees are and how this can involve your company?

Think back to when you interviewed your top employees. One of the questions you may have asked is where they wanted to be five years down the road, right? Well, have you given them a career experience that puts them on track, or not? This is a good time to review things with your employees and find out where they stand.

What can your company do to support career advancement for your quality employees? This is the way your organization should always be thinking. After all, these same people will be around for a while if you can provide them with a rewarding career experience. Listen to your people and find out what’s lacking in your workplace that you can start implementing this year.

Does your HR team have a good succession plan in place? Without this, the company can be spending a lot of time and money on constant recruiting before a solid return on investment has been realized. Think about the people you have on board now and where they fit into the future of your company. Consider how your investment in them translates to better performance and a more competitive edge in the industry years from now.

Have the conversation now with your loyal employees and your top performance employees. Find out what you can do to support their five-year career dreams.

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