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Your Company Culture Can Make (Or Break) the Hiring Process

Establish a reputation as a leader in your industry and the applicants will come. Fortune 100 leaders such as Google and Boston Consulting Group are proof of that. Although company culture may not be the only reason these companies are considered the best to work for, it is a major contributor.

Effective hiring implies hiring and keeping top performers. High level performers want to work for companies who are testing the limits, who offer career growth, and who hire similar talented individuals who will maintain the company’s competitiveness. Social media sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed expose a firm’s culture through employee reviews. Therefore, ensuring a good reputation on these and similar sites can sustain a quality applicant pool.

According to Reuters, the number of job seekers for every open position hit its lowest level since 2007 in December 2014. The labor market is getting tighter. Determining what candidates are looking for in an employer is key.
The following suggestions can help to maintain your reputation as a desirable employer.

  • Emphasize your upside. If you offer benefits such as a flexible work schedule, an excellent health plan, health club membership, or on-site childcare, advertise these benefits on the company website and job advertisements.
  • Post 30-second micro-videos on your website showing existing staff involved in innovative projects. Have the staff member introduce themselves and act as an ambassador to the firm. Videos or other images allow prospective candidates to picture themselves as a staff member and part of your organization.
  • Invest in staff development programs including education, training, and succession planning. Staff members want to know that they will grow in an organization to stay engaged and motivated. Advertise the efforts that the firm makes in professional development.
  • For companies seeking innovative candidates, emphasize R&D investment and post articles that showcase new projects and industry trends. Talented individuals want to work with like-minded people; ask your top performers to recommend others in their networks.

Focus on building relationships with external audiences. Showcase the best of your company and reach out through social media and local community organizations.

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