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Leverage Your Team’s Strengths Against Competitors

Organizing teams to achieve a goal can be more effective if done in a systematic way. There is no guarantee that a group of individuals can work well together, or that a team has all the skills it requires to complete a task. Use these guidelines to create teams in a more strategic way and to maximize the chances of successful results.

All employees should have an appreciation for diversity. Individuals bring different skills and experience to the table, and these should be leveraged to their best advantage. A study by NPR found that diversity among scholarly authors improved the quality of the co-authored scientific papers. Diversity training and personality assessments can help employees to understand personalities, preferences, and be more open to different approaches to problems.

  • Encourage teams to set norms and guidelines at the outset of a project. Modes of communication are crucial. Some team members might prefer a daily in-person meeting to check in on progress, others might prefer to update a team social media page. Some members might prefer to communicate by phone, others may prefer to text. Rules and norms establish behavioral boundaries.
  • When creating teams, assign tasks according the skills of the team members. For example, most teams require a point person as overall project manager. A team might require a language expert to work on coding, and an engineer might manage project design.
  • Have teams monitor their progress as they work together and change any dynamics that are dysfunctional. A team may need more skills or individuals to help in one area, or a team member may decide that they can contribute more to another team altogether. Teams must be flexible and responsive to be competitive.

Once a project is complete conduct a team review.

The team should discuss the process, the outcomes, and what could be done to improve the process in the future.

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