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Do I Need a Resume When Applying for a Job?

Most positions now require candidates to apply online, or at least to spend time filling in the appropriate information on a web-enabled form. Alternatively, a candidate may partner with a staffing agency, which again entails forms that collect relevant data concerning education, skills, and experience.

With that said, is a resume really necessary?

According to Peter Newfield, President of Career, the answer is most definitely, “Yes”. Although forms and online websites gather certain information, a resume is a way for a candidate to represent herself to an employer as a marketable commodity. An effective resume encapsulates the candidate’s ability to do the job and shows the individual’s value to the employer. Most online applications will allow a resume to be uploaded along with the online application.

Below are guidelines to creating an impressive resume.

  • Provide a brief overview of your overall experience and your goals. If you are applying to a specific position, use similar language to that used in the job description. For example, use industry-related phrasing such as “sales professional with proven results in a variety of contexts seeking senior marketing role with opportunities for professional growth.”
  • Include a summary of your experience by employer, and give dates of employment. Rather than describe what you did, describe the results of your contributions. For example, “increased turnaround rates by 30 percent by reorganizing warehouse delivery processes” has more impact than “organized warehouse receiving and shipping.” Just one such example for each place of employment can be extremely effective and show your worth.
  • Include your education, qualifications, and any training that you have received. Consider what type of training might be of value to the employer such as safety training, computer skills, technology, driving, and first aid. Include any voluntary work that you have done or any community involvement that shows your strength of character.

Limit your resume to one or two pages, and there is no need to provide employment history beyond ten years. A brief mention of the company with dates will suffice.

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