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Will a LinkedIn Profile Replace the Traditional Resume?

Although recruitment methods have changed drastically, certain norms and traditional procedures linger. Social recruitment and applicant tracking software are encouraging professionals to build on-line profiles whether they are job seeking or not. However, formalities such as submitting a resume and undergoing an interview remain very much part of the hiring process.

Think of a LinkedIn profile as a glossy brochure. It is valuable as an introduction to your skills and experience. Your resume contains the fine print and information that is not available publicly, such as your address and telephone number. Similarly, there is information on your LinkedIn profile that is not appropriate for your resume, such as your networks, any sample work that you want to show case, and your recommendations. Arne Fertig of US News differentiates a LinkedIn profile and a resume.

  • Although your resume should be limited to one or two pages, a LinkedIn profile is not limited. Similarly, a resume is a text document that often uses bullet points and a set format to describe your work experience and education. A LinkedIn profile can incorporate media elements such as PowerPoint presentations, graphics, PDF files, artwork, and videos.
  • A resume should be formal, whereas a LinkedIn profile can be written in a more personable style. Using the first person, “I,” is acceptable on a social media platform but should not be incorporated into a resume. Your resume should not include a photo, but this is expected on a LinkedIn
  • Your resume should be tailored according to the position to which you are applying and represents a static document. However, a LinkedIn profile is periodically updated to show your broad experience, knowledge, and interests. Potential employers may be directed to your profile by search tools so up-to-date information is important. Also, each time you update or post something to your LinkedIn profile, your updated profile is sent to all your close connections automatically.

Include your LinkedIn profile on your resume because potential employers will want to seek out additional information. Contact a Staffing Service USA professional for advice in developing an online brand, and for access to the latest employment opportunities.


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