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With Fall Approaching, Use these Tips to Boost Team Morale

The fall can be a productive time and represents the start of the busy season for many companies that are gearing up for the holidays. A drop in morale at this time can jeopardize a company’s most lucrative season. Monitoring the morale in your workplace can alert you to a possible drop in productivity before it actually occurs.

Waning morale is often a symptom of an organizational problem such as poor communication or uncertainty in company direction. Staff may have heard rumors that lead to a growing sense of insecurity. Keep employees informed of company decisions so that individuals don’t feel excluded, and seek feedback from staff members to identify any underlying issues. Marcus Erb of Entrepreneur suggests some tips that may circumvent failing morale.

3 Tips to Boost Employee Morale in the Fall

  • Recognize staff accomplishments. Use social media or other communication platforms to celebrate accomplishments; remind staff that their work has wider implications and is not just a job. Post testimonials or client comments that express appreciation for the company and its work. An award or incentive program could be developed that is linked to staff accomplishments and client appreciation.
  • Provide an opportunity to pursue external projects. Allowing staff a day off to pursue interests can encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace. Ask staff to report back on their experiences and to stimulate discussion and interest. Community pursuits or charity work undertaken by staff can contribute to a company’s outreach and relationship building.
  • Allow time for fun. Arrange a game day that can act as a team-building project. Have staff compete in trivial pursuit or Wii games and provide prizes and rewards such as movie tickets or restaurant discounts. Interpersonal communication among staff will improve, and the company will benefit from happier staff.

Ashley Fidel of The Muse emphasizes that goal setting can provide structure and motivation. Motivational speakers are a great source of inspiration and can be fascinating. An effective speaker can provide a new perspective on an interesting subject. If a speaker is cost prohibitive, arrange a group viewing of a video.

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