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Long Distance Interviewing – Why You Might Want to Consider It

Employee relocations have been increasing since 2010, according to a survey by Atlas Van Lines. Many companies prefer to move an existing employee rather than risk hiring someone new. The cost of relocating an employee who comes with proven performance can outweigh the risk of hiring a candidate that may lack certain skills and who comes with a measure of risk.

However, it is not always easy to relocate an existing employee who may have roots and personal ties in their existing location, and an attractive relocation policy requires financial outlay.

  • If a candidate with the required skills and experience cannot be found locally, the company is left with little choice but to hire from a distance or relocate an existing employee. Finding the right person to fill a niche position often requires a nationwide, if not global search, and relocating an existing employee may be the better choice if the need is urgent.
  • According to Ryan McConnell, an Atlas vice president, 52 percent of relocations in 2011 were new hires, and 27 percent of companies were expected to increase employee relocation in 2013. Companies compete with their competitors by hiring the most talented millennials straight from graduate schools, many of whom will be attracted by relocation benefits.
  • The chances are that if you are considering relocating an existing employee, or hiring one from afar, the position is one that requires highly technical or niche skills. Providing benefits such as relocation assistance will build your reputation as an employer and attract additional skilled staff.

Salary and benefits are important to attract skilled individuals, but if you are asking an individual to uproot themselves, excellent relocation benefits may beat out your competitor in the race to secure the best talent. Recruitment and outsourcing firms provide services to help you find the talent you need from a distant location. According to Josh Bersin of Forbes, such companies can improve the quality of your organization.  Strategic hiring practices reduce the complexities of recruiting in a global market.
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