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Get Back on the Job Horse!

Taking some time to collect yourself in between jobs can be an effective strategy. It gives you time to reflect and to decide if you would like to change direction. However, taking too long to rejoin the work force, or not engaging in activities that reflect personal development, can leave you with some explaining to do in an interview situation.

According to Dr. John Sullivan of, a key trend in hiring for 2014 is aggressive recruiting practices, which includes hiring already employed individuals and poaching passive candidates.

  • To find a job, it is better to be “out there.” Consider a temporary or contract assignment in an area that interests you. This allows you to develop your skills and to try out different jobs and companies. Such assignments allow you to network, and a temporary assignment may lead to other opportunities or a permanent position.
  • Develop an online profile. Join LinkedIn and engage in industry-related online conversations. Recruiters and companies are using Big Data to monitor online activity of potential candidates. Social aggregation tools allow recruiters to find you if you visit industry-related sites and appear to be knowledgeable in a certain area or have specific skills. IT coders and programmers are targeted by leading IT firms such as Google if their activity on social platforms reveals a talented potential hire.
  • Consider volunteer work. LinkedIn found that almost 50 percent of hiring managers consider that volunteer work provides experience that is as valuable as full-time work. One in five hiring managers hired someone because of their volunteer endeavors. LinkedIn has even launched a site to connect volunteers with nonprofit organizations.

Networking in person and online is crucial. Local firms are often willing to provide an informational interview, and re-connecting with old colleagues could lead to a referral. According to the New York Times, referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview and, if interviewed, 40 percent more likely to land the job.

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