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Overcoming an Employment Slump

It can be difficult to jump back into job searching when you have been out of work for some time. Some good news, however, comes in an article by Floyd Norris in the New York Times. Norris implies that certain demographics are excluded from certain employment calculations, and that lamented employment statistics may not be as bad as they seem. Michael Shaoul of Marketfield Asset Management even claims that employment reached higher levels in January than they have for the past year.

A substantial number of people have experienced an employment slump since the recession of 2008, and no employer will be shocked by a gap in your resume. Your attitude, and the way that you present yourself, is of greater influence to an interviewer. As with any stressful event in life, the way that you respond to it holds more sway than the event itself.

Margie Warrell of Forbes offers some tips on summoning a positive attitude and a proactive strategy to bounce back.

  • Be honest and realistic with your own state of mind. Realize that your confidence may require some rebuilding. Consider this a period of growth and re-orientation. Each step is a step closer to your goal. You won’t find a job in a day, but the first step will propel you forward until you do.
  • Define your goal and rethink your career direction. Consider how you can fill any employment gaps on your resume. Did you, or can you, undertake volunteer work or take a course? Volunteer work can be valuable in terms of networking and building skills in an area that interests you. It can be discussed in an interview to show that you are passionate about your convictions.
  • Re-craft your resume to reflect your professional intentions. Add any activities that can be considered relevant. Employers consider volunteer work as valuable as full-time work when they evaluate the suitability of candidates. Build a profile on LinkedIn and network through social media. Referrals are the best path to a job. Contact local firms and request informational interviews. You never know where it might lead.

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