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What an Interviewer Already Knows About You

There is a reason recruiters use social media as the number one tool to find and screen applicants. The information that can be garnered using social aggregation tools can resemble that of an FBI investigation. According to Mashable and a study by Reppler, ninety percent of recruiters use social network profiles in the hiring process.

Social aggregation tools collect data from multiple social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, chat rooms, and online networks. These tools consolidate data into one profile. A recruiter can gather a complete profile of a candidate or search for candidates with certain skills across platforms. Moreover, these tools are often used to screen out certain candidates. Mashable reported that 69 percent of recruiters eliminated a candidate after viewing a social network profile.

Here are some of the things that may be revealed and how to protect yourself from intrusive search tools.

  • Recruiters and hiring managers used social media to examine a candidates’ professionalism and social conduct. They also used sites to judge a candidate’s fit in terms of organizational culture. Employers may search for information that reveals excessive alcohol or drug use and inappropriate conduct. Expect personal information to be accessible even if you employ privacy settings.
  • Develop an online profile on sites such as LinkedIn that reflect your professional qualifications and expertise. Be active on social media sites by posting interesting articles that relate to work and your profession. That way, search tools will pick up the information that you want employers to seek, not the information you don’t want them to see. Google yourself and see what comes up.
  • Ensure that the information online reflects what an employer will see on your resume. Any conflicting information will raise a red flag for a recruiter or hiring manager. Ensure that the information you post online is accurate and consistent.

As with any situation, revealing information about others is not acceptable. Don’t complain about a previous employer or use social media to express political or religious views. Unfortunately, our personal lives are fast becoming our work lives too.

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