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Make Your Seasonal Job a Full Time Position

From an employer’s perspective, seasonal workers fill a need for additional labor during busy times. If you manage to impress your employer, you may be able to parlay seasonal employment into a full-time position. According to AOL Jobs, Macy’s typically hires over 70,000 workers over a holiday season and will hire full-time employees from that pool of temporary workers. These companies use contingent staffing as a screening tool, to ensure that they hire capable staff. Here are some ways to maximize any full-time opportunities.

  • Express Your Interest.
    Your employer cannot be expected to know if you are interested in full-time work. Let your employer know early that you would like to be considered for full-time work. Your proactive approach and enthusiasm will be noted and appreciated. If a note asking for applications for full-time work is sent out, you are already ahead of the competition, but do apply formally through the recommended channels.
  • Be Amenable.
    During your temporary employment, be flexible. Volunteer to work the unpopular shifts and be available at late notice. You are more likely to be a valuable employee if you are reliable and can work when others can’t. Take initiative and offer suggestions or help if you think they will be appreciated.
  • Fit In.
    Jacqueline Smith, contributor to Forbes magazine, recommends fitting in with company culture. Being a team player is more important for many employers than technical skills, as long as you are willing to learn. During your temporary employment, always be on time, provide quality work, and be social with other colleagues. Show an interest in learning about the company and assume additional tasks to those for which you were hired. Avoid making mistakes by asking questions and confirming instructions before taking on a task.


If no opportunity for full-time employment occurs immediately, keep in touch with the employer and your contacts. A staff member may refer you if the company soon decides that they need extra help. Always dress appropriately and behave as though you are a full-time employee. Contact a Staffing Services USA professional for more advice on temporary and permanent employment.

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