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“Why SHOULDN’T I hire you?” How to Answer Challenging Interview Questions

Job interviews are designed to reveal your personality and the way that you react to certain situations. One of the ways that an interviewer can do that is to ask you an unexpected question that you are unprepared for. The ideal response depends on the specific job. Some positions require quick, accurate, and wise decisions, but other positions require an approach that involves time for evaluation and perhaps research. So, how should you tackle the most difficult interview questions?

  • First, be sure to understand the job requirements and the key skills that the employer may require. This will tell you what type of personality might be a fit and what type of responses are most appropriate. A supervisor of construction projects may need to quickly respond to an urgent employee question and make an immediate decision; whereas, a coder may be required to take the time needed to develop the best product.
  • Forbes recommends using personal experiences to explain why you are suitable for the position. The question “Why shouldn’t I hire you?” could be unsettling. But recognize the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and answer accordingly “You should not hire me if you are not interested in increasing your sales, because I increased my previous employer’s sales by 30 percent”. Be armed with ammunition in terms of your achievements, and you will appeal to the interviewer.
  • Lifehacker suggests that a negative question like this is asking you to reveal your biggest weakness. A better strategy is to respond that you find the question difficult to answer because you consider that you are a quality candidate. Provide a good reason for your statement by using an example of a quantitative achievement.

Remember that your interview is also a time for you to assess the employer. The questions that are asked are a reflection of the company culture. Don’t be afraid to challenge a question or to show your personality. It is in everybody’s interests, yours and the employer, to ensure a good fit for the position. Contact a Staffing Service USA hiring professional and let us help you find the position that best suits your professional portfolio.

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