Our Top Viewed Resources for Job Seekers in 2015

2015 was an outstanding year for many career minded folks, and for good reason. Experts are now saying it’s a candidates’ market, which is good news for the many hard working people in and around Lancaster, PA. We’ve been following the updates and sharing news about career and workplace trends all year, and we want to […]

3 Reasons You are Better than Average | Start Acting Extraordinary

The competition is fierce for good jobs in the Harrisburg, PA area, just as it is in many post-recession regions. Therefore, it’s important to stand out as a candidate in order to grab the attention of the best company recruiters. Elevating yourself from the average candidate to one who is extraordinary takes some creativity, but […]

Job Search Tips: Choosing the Right Career References

Looking for a new job can be an exciting time, but it can also pose certain concerns. For example, one question that comes up often is “Who should I use as a job reference?” Understanding why professional career references are requested and what this can mean to your job search is a good place to […]

To Befriend or De-Friend: Managing Employees on Social Media

Despite the ubiquity of social networking and its increasing use in business communication, inappropriate use of social media channels is common. Legal boundaries and accepted etiquette have not been established, and social media continues to blur the lines between work and personal lives. Employees and employers must tread carefully to avoid financial risk. Erin Geiger […]

Don’t Skip THIS Hiring Step!

A cover letter is an integral component to any application and can reveal a substantial amount of information about a candidate. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council contributed opinions to The Muse concerning cover letters. The individuals discussed why cover letters should not be overlooked by recruiters and hiring managers in the rush to review […]