Best Practices: Hiring in 2014

The hiring trends of 2014 can be encapsulated by two phenomena, social media and mobile technology. Recruiters and hiring managers are navigating an online world that is shaped by social networks and mobile apps. Employers are desperately building and protecting online reputations as social word-of-mouth and internet chat rooms facilitate disparaging remarks from disgruntled ex-employees. […]

Social Media Policy in the Office

Social media has infiltrated work and personal lives. Social media’s use has escalated so quickly that no strict legal rules or etiquette regarding its use have been established. Many companies incorporate social media to encourage cross-functional communication and a team dynamic. Other companies actively try to prevent employees from accessing social media sites during work […]

Make Your Seasonal Job a Full Time Position

From an employer’s perspective, seasonal workers fill a need for additional labor during busy times. If you manage to impress your employer, you may be able to parlay seasonal employment into a full-time position. According to AOL Jobs, Macy’s typically hires over 70,000 workers over a holiday season and will hire full-time employees from that […]