Want to Stay Top of Mind? Email Your Interviewer!

Woman typing on a laptop with email vectors flying out from her fingers.

After sending out multiple resumes and pursuing leads, you finally landed that coveted interview. You arrived early, dressed appropriately to match the company’s atmosphere, looked everybody in the eye, and answered all of their questions to the best of your ability while showcasing your skills. Time to sit back, wait, and hope, right? Not quite. […]

The Three BEST Available Jobs in Lancaster, PA

This winter is a great time to look for a job in the Lancaster, PA region of the state. Popular with both tourists and businesses alike, Lancaster offers some of the best career opportunities in the Northern states. Here are some of the jobs that we think are among the top in the Delaware Valley. […]

Get Back on the Job Horse!

Taking some time to collect yourself in between jobs can be an effective strategy. It gives you time to reflect and to decide if you would like to change direction. However, taking too long to rejoin the work force, or not engaging in activities that reflect personal development, can leave you with some explaining to […]

“Why SHOULDN’T I hire you?” How to Answer Challenging Interview Questions

Job interviews are designed to reveal your personality and the way that you react to certain situations. One of the ways that an interviewer can do that is to ask you an unexpected question that you are unprepared for. The ideal response depends on the specific job. Some positions require quick, accurate, and wise decisions, […]

Do You Have a Fun Company Culture, or Are You Just Wasting Time?

When does a “fun” company become all play and no work? How do you draw the line? Making your employees comfortable with a fun company culture has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency, but there is a fine line between a fun culture and wasting time. This post will discuss.  Many of us have […]