I Quit! How to Get Employees To Stay.

Today’s business dynamic seems far-removed from the days when a person would work for one, maybe two companies in his entire career, earning the 50-year pin and the storied gold watch at his retirement party. In fact, statistics from the Department of Labor state that the average span of an employee’s tenure is only 1.5 […]

Missing Summer? Don’t Let the Weather Affect Performance.

It’s never easy when the winter comes and, for many of us, we end up going to and from work in the dark, wondering when we’ll see the sun again. We reach for our pajama pants almost immediately upon entering our homes, looking for comfortable warmth. But there’s that whole work day to contend with […]

Do You Have a Fun Company Culture, or Are You Just Wasting Time?

When does a “fun” company become all play and no work? How do you draw the line? Making your employees comfortable with a fun company culture has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency, but there is a fine line between a fun culture and wasting time. This post will discuss.  Many of us have […]