Information for Job Seekers

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Tips for Job Seekers

Whether you are seeking a job with a staffing firm or a Fortune 500 company, the process is pretty much the same.

Sending Your Résumé and Cover Letter Via E-Mail

As a 21st-century jobseeker, it’s important to have an electronic cover letter and résumé to send at the click of a mouse. Here are some steps for converting your cover letter and résumé from Word or WordPerfect documents into electronic ones.

Prepare an Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter allows you to personalize your résumé. Its main purpose is to emphasize your strengths and assets in a way that will interest employers in interviewing you.

Deliver a Knock-Out Interview

Your carefully prepared cover letter and résumé paid off. You’ve landed an interview. Get ready—in advance—to make a good impression.

Craft a Compelling Résumé

Unless you have more than 10 years of experience, your résumé should be no longer than one page. Use a simple layout.