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Struggling to Keep Up With Warehouse Tasks? Try These Tips

Things don’t always go as planned; and, when your warehouse worklist is adding up, even the plan itself can be too much. In a warehouse, falling behind on just one day can lead to cascading effects that delay shipping and long-term activities. What does it take to stay productive and meet deadlines when tasks are piling up?


When prioritizing warehouse tasks, ask yourself two questions. First, which jobs are most important? Large, critical shipments should generally take a clear priority over smaller ones, for example. Second, ask which task will cause the most damage if delayed. If one project must be completed in order for others to proceed, your efforts should be focused there.

Ask for help

Never forget to rely on your team. Though complex or labor-intensive jobs might be within the capabilities of one person, two or more could complete it many times faster.

Take a break (No, seriously)

It might seem like a terrible idea to be taking breaks when you’re behind, but your muscles and brain need a chance to relax and recover. Scientists agree that taking regular, short breaks – say, 5-10 minutes every hour – boosts energy and productivity.

Eliminate distractions

If you’re at risk of falling behind schedule, don’t let anything take your focus away from what you’re working on. You might be used to having your phone in your pocket or nearby, but it’s too easy to be distracted by constant notifications. Unless your job requires you to be connected, leave the phone behind and use it only when on a break.

Get organized

Are your tools, resources and products organized efficiently? Only experience can reveal what works best. As an example, imagine a large tool chest. When organized alphabetically (as someone who doesn’t know their tools might do) wrenches and sockets will end up in different drawers. In contrast, someone who knows better will store related items close together. The same principle can be extended to your entire warehouse. Any items that are frequently used, purchased or shipped together can be stored near each other so you can work efficiently. Massive companies, like Amazon, use complex computer programs to organize their warehouses and workflow. A little common sense can work similar magic for you.

Slow down

Wait, what? This is no joke. If you are stressed out and rushing through every task, you’re bound to make mistakes that will need to be corrected later. Instead, remember it’s quicker to do a job right than to do it twice.

Choosing a warehouse that works for you

Whether you feel you are constantly overloaded or are looking for a bigger challenge, we’d be thrilled to help you investigate new positions. Staffing Service USA has over two decades of experience helping people like you find industrial, office and warehouse jobs in Lancaster, PA. Contact us today to find out what exciting opportunities are waiting for you.

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